Kate Middleton has been pretty active recently, visiting numerous events in her stunning dresses and casual clothing, and one thing that the public has noticed is her "ditching" her clutches.

The Duchess of Cambridge has always visited official engagements with a small box clutch she often holds in front of her with both hands. However, after appearing in front of the public recently, she has been spotted without a bag in sight.

To individually examine, Middleton left a jaw-dropping glamorous appearance with her "signature clutch" absent in the "No Time To Die" premiere's red carpet. She also joined her husband, Prince William, on the Earthshot Prize.

Other than that, the Duchess also stepped out with a stunning fit celebrating the opening of two galleries of the Imperial War Museum in London without a bag.

Kate Middleton Overcoming Fears?

Fashion stylist Hannah Eichler revealed that this decision could be "more than a fashion choice" through FEMAIL via Daily Mail.

"Accessories have often been a clever trick for royals, as a means of busying nervous hands," the stylist claimed.

"Now that Kate has been a pivotal part of the Royal family for over a decade, she no longer needs tricks to drawing attention away from shaking hands, and instead is at ease with public speaking." The celebrity stylist also explained how "It bags" has been heralded as the "most coveted piece in a woman's wardrobe."

And the Duchess' collection of handbags have received approval from fashion experts, but now, "the eagle eyes among you will note Kate has ditched the look of late," Eichler spilled on the outlet.

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Confidence Wins For The Duchess

The fashion stylist told the source that the Duchess has now found her confidence in public speaking and engaging with the public. This will make her appear more genuine in the eyes of others, per the source.

"Hands are considered the emotional barometer, and therefore using her hands to express her feelings allows Kate to connect more to those who she is speaking," she claimed.

Eichler has also analyzed the Duchess of Cambridge's choice of outfits, and it may still be "impacting" with or without the bag. "The trend for pockets has mean that fashion fans are enabled to go hands free! Kate often opts for coats with disguised and patch pockets to keep a limited number of personal possessions," the fashion expert concluded.

"Kate has also been becoming more daring on the fashion front and as any style expert knows it's all about letting your look take centre stage."

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