This Sunday marked the the return of the annual MTV European Music Awards, and this year's nominees and guests came dressed to the nines as usual. From big winning stars like Saweetie to actors like Taika Waititi and Rita Ora, everyone tends to go somewhat wild for the fashion at MTV events, so there was a lot to see on the Red Carpet.

That said, a fave is a fave, and we do DEFINITELY have our faves from this time around, so without further ado: Here are Enstarz's eight picks for best dressed celebs at the 2021 EMAs (in no particular order, of course, because how the heck could we choose?)


Saweetie at the 2021 EMAs
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First and foremost: We'd be remiss if we didn't mention hip hop artist and gracious host Saweetie's fabulous sepia-tone disco-ball-style gown, which she looked absolutely stunning in as she waltzed onto the red carpet ahead of hosting and performing (and winning the award for Best New Artist, nbd.) The star sported 11 different outfits last night - including one inspired by Squid Game!

Rita Ora (and Taika Waititi)

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi at the 2021 EMAs
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Rita Ora has impeccable style - she made our last red carpet list too, for the stunning white gown she wore to the Marvel Eternals premiere. She was also flanked then, as now, by her doting boyfriend, director Taika Waititi, and it looks like he's taking the Red Carpet BF job with the utmost seriousness (and enjoyment - look at the pride on his face!)

Riccardo Simonetti 

Riccardo Simonettiat the 2021 EMAs
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SPEAKING of Pride, German entertainer Riccardo Simonetti went all out with his, sporting a sequined rainbow flag cape with ornamental beads that looked like raindrops, as well as platform boots and a corset. The 2020 winner of the E! PCA for German Personality of 2020 also sported a sleek black hat and a slicked back bun.

Simonetti is best known in Germany for (you guessed it!) his work bringing LGBTQ+ issues to the forefront of conversation, including three published books on the subject. Before that, he ran a popular blog.

Jeny Bsg

Jenny Bsg at the 2021 EMAs
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Noted dancer and choreographer Jenny Bsg looked like the fiercest babydoll we've ever seen in her bright green bubble dress and pink heels, with two giant poufs on the side of her head. Her metallic manicure was also a fantastic touch.

The most notable thing about her, though, is that she looked radiant - a far cry from how she looked back in October, when she shocked Belgium with an image of her swollen face in order to speak out about domestic violence and against her now ex-boyfriend, a comedian known as "Doctor Ideology." 

Kim Petras

Kim Petras at the 2021 EMAs
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German-born singer Kim Petras has garnered a lot of attention in the US media since moving to LA, and she's definitely earning it on the Red Carpet: The hooded, kilt-like dress she wore with thigh-high boots and leather jacket was quite a statement, as is her dramatic white eyeliner.

Petras performed her songs "Coconuts" and "Hit It From The Back" at the awards last night.

Gaja Prestor

Gaja Prestor at the 2021 EMAs
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Slovenian Singer Gaja Prestor positively stole the show last night, strolling onto the Red Carpet in thigh high boots and a black bodysuit elegantly accented with a dramatic black skirt and a leather jacket. Ladies (and gents, you can wear skirts too), all of you who have dreamed of towing the line between comfort and high, dramatic fashion, dream no more: Prestor has done it.

William Ernult 

William Ernultat the 2021 EMAs
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AND SPEAKING OF GENTS IN SKIRTS - French model William Ernult joined the number of stars pushing the gender binary this year as he sported a luxurious velvet sport coat with a shiny accordian-pleated skirt, with black boots and socks to match. He even accented it with some carefully chosen silver chains to complete the look.

Lady Szomjas 

Jennifer Szomjas at the 2021 EMAs
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Last but not least, Hungarian social media star Lady Szomjas (AKA Jennifer Szomjas) was a vision in red and black last night in this sweeping gown, whose pattern created fun and eye-bending illusions as she walked. Her multicolored nails were still coordinated with her outfit, and her hair was also very dramatic, done in a half-up style reminiscent of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.