The Hollywood premiere of Marvel's next movie, Eternals, happened last night, and the star-studded cast - plus a few random celebrity guests - really turned heads. None, however, deserved quite as much attention as actor Kumail Nanjiani. Why?

Because his mom helped him with his outfit, and that is the SWEETEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD.

Kumail Nanjiani at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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It gets better though, because the reason he asked his mom was to pay a proper tribute to their Pakistani heritage. As he told the Hollywood Reporter:

"I wanted to wear a Sherwani because 1. They look awesome and 2. My costume in the film always reminded me of Sherwanis. And I wanted to use a designer in Pakistan, not just a Pakistani designer in the U.S. So I called my mom, she gave me names of three amazing designers in Pakistan." 

"I wanted the colors to be similar to my costume colors, and purple and gold are a beautiful combination. The paisley pattern is very traditional as well." 

Nanjiani plays Kingo in the upcoming film, a superhero with powers fueled by cosmic energy, who assumes the identity of a Bollywood star.

Of course, Nanjiani wasn't the only celeb at the premiere with an absolutely killer look. He gets top props, but here are eight others who were serving style last night:

Krystina Arielle

Krystina Arielle at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Krystina Arielle, the actress set to host Star Wars: High Republic, a new series premering exclusively on the Star Wars website, looked classic and stunning in a yellow floral ballgown with an angled, strapless top. Of course, given that she was known mostly as a cosplayer before she got picked to host this new show, the fact that she makes this list is not at all surprising.

Brian Tyree Henry

Brian Tyree Henry at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Brian Tyree Henry was another amazing look, going with a simpler sort of formality with this black suit with bright purple lining. The 3/4 length sleeves accentuate his blinged-out wrists, contributing to the simple elegance of his outfit.

Henry will play Phastos, Marvel's first openly gay superhero (FINALLY.), who is married with a child.

Esai Daniel Cross

Esai Daniel Cross at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Young actor Esai Daniel Cross doesn't have any credits listed on his IMDb page, and it's not clear who he's playing in the movie, but given that he was hanging close to Brian Tyree Henry on the Red Carpet, we're betting he'll be playing Phastos' son. We're also betting that this kid is gonna be one to watch in the style department - that sparkly gold brushed suit is a work of art!

Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
Here's a Look with a Capital L - early TikTok star Bella Poarch showed up wearing a hooded...something...we don't know what to call it, but it looks really cool!

Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Musician and makeup guru Patrick Starr was also at the event, standing out and looking fierce in a red and pink jumpsuit, pointed heels, and a large headdress to match. The singer's large earrings completed the fun look.

Meng'er Zhang

Meng'er Zhang at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Chinese-born actress Meng'er Zhang, who played Xialing in Shang-Chi, kept things formal and fresh in a cream-colored two-piece pantsuit with an uneven tie-off top, the color and material she chose dressing up what would otherwise be a more casual look.

Rita Ora (Bonus: Taika Waititi)

Taika Waititi and Rita Ora at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Rita Ora, who looked stunning in a simple white gown with mettallic tassels descending from a cutout on the chest, poses here with writer and directer Taika Waititi, who is serving looks of his own in a two-tone, two-pattern suit (with no socks!) These two together make quite a pair.

Celina Sharma

Celina Sharma at the Marvel Eternals Red Carpet Premiere
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Last but not least, Celina Sharma, whose song will appear on the Eternals' soundtrack, definitely stole the show in this glamourous lace champagne-color ballgown with matching shoes. That dramatic swish of the arm? Unbeatable. 10/10.