Houston officials confirmed that no third party would investigate Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival tragedy, and it caused the public to be enraged by the decision.

Previously, the officials, alongside County Judge Lina Hidalgo, wanted to have an independent investigation underway alongside the Houston Police Department's probe in the event that left ten people dead.

"I hope that it comes back with actionable lessons," she previously said. "I hope it doesn't result in something vague or forgotten."

They wanted to observe the setup to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that the victims' families would get unbiased and equal findings.

However, the Houston officials changed their minds and removed the possibility of having an independent third party conduct an investigation. Instead, a country administrator would reportedly head a review with the help of several government officials.

With that, the Harris County administrator will start working with the people in charge to find out what happened during the Astroworld Festival. They will also review security, fire, and other safety plans the NRG Park established before the tragic event occurred.

The Houston Police is yet to charge responsible people as they are still conducting a separate criminal investigation.

The recent development raised questions among the victims' families and the public, especially since Scott - a Houston native - has a friendly relationship with the officials.

Travis Scott To Get Away With The Tragedy By Receiving Help From Authorities?

After announcing the removal of independent investigation, internet users expressed their dismay over the decision. They also alleged that the authorities had already made a scheme in order to save Scott's name from the case.

One said, "The Houston PD is just as responsible as live nation and Travis Scott ... they ran a fake needle story to give them some time to ultimately deny an independent investigation into what happened .."

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"Why did you focus your question on HPD having an independent investigation? Seems like you are deflecting from holding @trvisXX Accountable!" another exclaimed.

As of press time, more and more victims have been filing lawsuits against Scott, blaming him for letting the tragedy happen.

The family of the youngest victim, Ezra Blount, launched a lawsuit days before the 9-year-old died. The family's legal representative said that the child suffered from severe injuries and damaged vital organs after he was "kicked, stepped on, and trampled" when the stampede happened.

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