Taylor Swift is allegedly not attending the American Music Awards 2021 after days of intensive advertising for her "Red (Taylor's Version)" album.

Is her non-attendance, however, due to her concealing something? Is she expecting a child or planning a wedding?

Taylor Swift Has Been MIA For Months

Taylor Swift has been missing for a few months, prompting speculation that she and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, may have secretly married.

According to WHO magazine, the "All Too Well" singer went into hiding due to speculations that she was or is pregnant.

Friends of the blonde beauty say to the source that they want her and her lover to marry because they believe the British actor is the one for her.

Joe is also Taylor Swift's absolute dream boyfriend, according to them.

For a period, the A-list pair had to spend time apart because Taylor wanted to spend time with her family, while Joe wanted to spend time with his and return to the United Kingdom.

They have apparently been inseparable since their reconnection.

Following their short separation, Taylor and Joe discovered how much they wanted to remain with one other, according to a source.

"They've been continuing to be pretty low-key about their relationship to the outside world to continue to protect it. They've discussed future plans and Taylor can see herself marrying Joe."

Taylor Swift Rumors Debunked

However, many people have seen Taylor Swift in recent days promoting her new album on late-night TV shows and other places, so there's no reason to believe she's married or about to be married.

There's also no evidence that she's pregnant or was pregnant at the time she went missing.

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Why Taylor Swift Isn't Going to the 2021 AMAs

Taylor Swift isn't attending the 2021 American Music Awards despite being nominated, according to Hollywood Life, and it has nothing to do with the reported wedding and pregnancy.

After the success of "Red (Taylor's Version)," a source told Hollywood Life that the 31-year-old singer-songwriter will take a sabbatical.

According to reports, the "folklore" hitmaker enjoys the event but will not attend because she wants her appearances and performances to be spaced out so that they have a big effect.

Additionally, the insider said, "She's confident that she will be on the AMA stage in the future, but this year she is taking a break."

In fact, the insider insists that "There is no ulterior motive or issue for her not going, it just is her schedule to relax, get ready for the holidays and all that good stuff."

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