Former "The View" host Abby Huntsman once again welcomed in the show less than a month after she last spoke about her time working with co-hosts.

According to USA Today, the 35-year-old TV personality visited the talk show as a guest host on November 19, meeting Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and Ana Navarro, and "clarified" her recent comments on why she left the show in January 2020.

  "The problem with media today is it's so black and white. I am a very nuanced person as you guys know ... my politics are nuanced. The way I live my life is more nuanced," she began with her statement.

In Abby Huntsman's Hosting Journey

Huntsman continued that her experience with the show "wasn't one extreme or the other." "There were some tough days and there were executives here at the time and people here at the time that made too many of my days too difficult. But all of them are gone, and you guys lived a lot of that with me." This is followed by Behar agreeing and even admitting that she misses "some of them" and the show's host line-up is "perfect now."

The article also stated that Huntsman praised the staff from the beginning and those who "don't get involved in any of the nonsense." "They are the best part of the show and it's why the show's still iconic and they deserve all the praise in the world," she said.

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Huntsman: 'It Was Just An Unbearable Culture'

The former Fox News anchor hosted her podcast "I Wish Somebody Told Me." In the last weeks of October, she first admitted her stay in the show made her "kind of stressful," which is the "politically correct way of putting it," according to her.

During the talk, she recalled her experience of how ABC sent her to a "talent coach" before becoming a co-host, which made her believe that all newbies do the same. Despite all that, she still shared the moments she enjoyed while doing interviews and her friendships with colleagues from the show.

However, Fox News reported that she was "ashamed" of the culture she took part in, declaring, "It was just an unbearable culture by the end," Huntsman said.

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