Assumptions about Meghan McCain's relationship with her former co-hosts at "The View" were made as sources claimed that she is not allowed to keep in touch with them.

After the TV personality decided to leave the show as she looked for an opportunity to explore new career ventures back in July, rumors are now spreading that the remaining cast members are strictly told to cut ties with Meghan.

People are trying to figure out if McCain's new position at The Daily Mail will jeopardize her personal relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, and the rest of "The View" production staff. Or is it all just baseless gossip?

Meghan's Beef with "The View" Producers

New York Post reported that just last month, the former "The View" member had embarked on a change in her career as she switched from hosting to writing columns for the famous British newspaper.

The star announced the news on her social media as she tweeted how excited she was to "work in a completely uncensored free space."

Meghan's statement and actions regarding the situation reportedly triggered her ex-boss, Brian Teta. Based on an inside source via Suggest, Teta had gotten "paranoid," thinking that Meghan would leak important information about the show and cast to The Daily Mail after she had gotten the position.

The publication continued to explain that the ex-boss "doesn't want McCain spilling secrets from her time on The View," and is "willing to do anything to prevent" that scenario from happening.

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Are The Rumors True?

According to the informant, "The View" creator seems to be working hard to talk to the remaining hosts and try to "ban" them from ever speaking to the former host ever again.

"We literally report into the news division. We're being told [by Brian Teta] not to talk to someone on the outside, who has different political views... who used to work with us," the insider had confessed after describing the producer as someone who had "lost his mind."

Additionally, the same person also admitted that none of the staff and the hosts were following the orders given by Teta to "break ties" with the columnist. The sources added that "many" of them were "still in contact" with the celebrity.

However, none of the parties named in the article has officially released an announcement confirming or denying the rumors. Moreover, the informant's reliability was not determined, nor were they identified by the previous article.

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