Prince William reportedly felt so much pressure with Kate Middleton that he had disturbing second thoughts before their marriage.

For over a decade, Prince William and Kate Middleton became one of the royal pairs which proved that royal marriages could last. They tied knots on April 29, 2011, at Westminster Abbey, and their relationship has continued to bloom since then.

However, the events before their marriage seemed doomed as the Duke of Cambridge was put under pressure while dealing with media scrutiny.

In a new interview with Express UK, relationship expert Neil Wilkie recalled how Prince William's past girlfriends went under the media spotlight. The same thing happened when he began his relationship with Kate.

"There were questions, is she the right one for him? Is she the right one to be the future Queen? That's a hell of a pressure on any girlfriend but there's also a lot of pressure on William: 'Am I making the right choice?'" he said.

Prince William clearly asked himself whether it would also be suitable for millions of people who would tune in if he married Kate.

Fortunately, they successfully overcame things and made it to where they are now.

Prince William, Kate Also Faced Relationship Struggles

Since Prince William is the second reserve to the British throne, choosing the right woman was important. Although they continued their relationship after graduation, they reportedly had a brief breakup due to the media spotlight in their relationship.

There was also a rumor that the Duke of Cambridge had commitment issues. Still, both of them shared their own explanations about it.

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Prince William told Tom Bradby a year before the royal wedding that they were very young when they started dating. Their split, on the other hand, allowed them to have some space.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge publicly revealed she was not happy about the split but pointed out it made her a stronger person.

As to why Prince William and Kate's relationship turned out that way, Wilkie explained that the royal prince's approach to his dating life was affected by Princess Diana's death.

"As he lost his mother at an early age, often there's a subconscious fear, if I have somebody else who loves me, are they going to leave me? Are they going to die on me? Are they going to walk out on me? And that often will hold people back from making a true commitment," he went on.

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