Jennifer Lopez has just performed at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, and many media outlets couldn't help but gush about her performance.

The 52-year-old brought her "Marry Me" character to the ceremony, singing the piano-backed ballad of the song "On My Way," which is slated to appear in her upcoming movie "Marry Me," starring alongside Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman.

JLo wore a beautiful black dress with white accents and a bedazzled microphone as she performed in front of a virtual symphony.

The "Jenny From the Block" singer then later disappeared behind a screen and came out wearing another outfit, a tiny cream-colored dress with a matching veil, while the movie's trailer played in the background.

Though the AMAs were live, Jennifer Lopez's performance was reportedly pre-recorded.

However, just as the performance was playing on everybody's screens, the singer-dancer was accused of lip-syncing while taking the stage.

@ClamJam666 asked, "Why did she lip sync? Smh."

@BDLKONYOU called out media outlets that praised JLo's performance, saying, "@JLo

 Bitch you lip sync. Don't play yourself."

"@people y'all are some dick riders. Vocals ? Hahahaha. Check your hearing aid and your bifocals. Because #jlo never sings live. #AMAs #queenofthelipsync."

@cj2arts even compared the "On The Floor" hitmaker's talent to another artist.

"@JLo just did the worse lip sync job since Milli Vanilli. Wonder who really sang this song?"

@dysfashional called the performance "disastrous," saying, "Oi @JLo FFS work on your lipsync game...seriously. Vocals are all chipmunk disastrous anyway. Don't get me started on the dysfashional mayhem happening in that blush pink bustier bodice portion of that frock."

@MeenaRav1asked what everybody was wondering, "Will JLo ever not lip sync at a performance? She's not even dancing. There's no reason to lip sync is there?"

But other Jennifer Lopez fans came to her defense.

@MarieJlover said, "One thing about jlo haters is that they gone say she lip sync the moment they hear a good vocal come out her mouth."

@webs1934also said how if it were other pop stars, nobody would bat an eyelash.

"JLo lip sync. Bad. Britney Spears lip syncs. We love her."

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Not The First Time

This wasn't the first time Jennifer Lopez was accused of lip-synching. Most of her performances have been scrutinized to have been lip-syncing.

One of the most talked-about is her Super Bowl LIV Half-Time performance in 2020 with Shakira.

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