Johnny Depp's past purchase of a "Pirates of the Caribbean" island came to the limelight again as the actor showed his respectful and kind side when he did it.

In 2004, Depp ensured he would forever be part of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" by buying one of the islands the franchise featured. The island in question is located in the Bahamas, which everyone called Little Hall's Pond Cay.

Its 45 acres of land caught Depp's heart that he always referred to it as the "most pure and beautiful" place he had ever been.

But far from the usual reason why a man would purchase an island, the actor got it years ago for a genuine reason.

Why Johnny Depp Secured "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Island

In one of his past interviews, Depp boasted about the island's beauty and said how the money he outed had no match to the place.

"I don't think I'd ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It's instant freedom," he told Vanity Fair.

The island has six white-sand beaches, all of which he has named after those people close to him. Two of them got the name of his children, Lily-Rose and Jack.

He named the remaining beaches after Vanessa, Gonzo (his late friend Hunter S. Thompson), and Marlon Brando.

Depp had been friends with the latter until his death in 2004 - the year he purchased the island. According to reports, Brando was a big supporter of Depp in buying it.

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The late actor - who had been dubbed as the greatest film actor of the 20th century - died at the age of 80 in a Los Angeles hospital. At that time, his lawyer revealed he had been suffering from pneumonia.

Depp and Brando worked together in four award-winning films, including "The Source," "Divine Rapture," Don Juan DeMarco," and "The Brave."

The report resurfaced after Discovery+ announced its two-part documentary, "Johnny vs. Amber." According to the streaming company's press release (via The Hollywood Reporter and Variety), the documentary will focus on how they became an A-list couple before going through a damaging divorce and, eventually, a legal battle.

"Johnny's film will portray that he found himself married to a Machiavellian liar who would stop at nothing to protect her image. While Amber's film explores how she married the man of her dreams only to see him turn into a violent drug-fueled monster," the statement continued, as quoted by New York Post.

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