Although Affleck currently enjoys his life after reigniting his relationship with Lopez, the actor reported enraged that his ex-wife, Garner, is remarrying.

New Idea reported that the "Justice League" actor still has not gotten over with his ex yet. His relationship with Lopez is reportedly "not enough" to distract him from thinking Garner, with whom he shares three children - Violet, Seraphina, and Sam --.

As Affleck plans to marry Lopez, he feels furious that Garner might also steal his show. One proof arose when the 49-year-old "Yes Day" actress flaunted her diamond engagement ring on Instagram Live.

Earlier this month, the Hollywood star indeed sparked engagement rumors to boyfriend, John Miller. It reportedly happened after their brief split in August 2020 after Los Angeles went into lockdown.

But after reconciling, Garner and Miller are reportedly tying knots already.

"The news was a complete shock to Ben, who reportedly had no idea about her big move!" an insider said.

Is Ben Affleck Breaking Up With Jennifer Lopez To Get Back To Jennifer Garner?

There are points the news outlet failed to prove. Thus, it is safe to say that the report is a bogus one.

Firstly, Affleck and Lopez have not thought about their marriage yet. The couple has also been doing their best to make their relationship work while they are busy with their engagements.

A source told Elle that the duo is madly in love and continues to feel that way despite spending time away.

"Spending time in different cities during the week has made them miss each other like crazy and fall even more in love. They are making many plans and looking forward to their future together," the source said.

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They also publicly showed affection when Affleck accompanied Lopez to the airport as the actress needed to jet to Vancouver.

As for Garner, she nor Miller had already confirmed their engagement. Although the CaliBurger CEO already wants to start a future with her, the actress reportedly wants to take things slow.

They even needed to call it quits "on very amicable terms" since they have contradicting thoughts about marriage.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner no longer have a reason to comment on each other's love life. Thus, there is no way they would let themselves be embroiled in such an awkward rumor.

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