Kylie Jenner has defied a long-standing business tradition that she has been doing for four years -- and it's all because of Travis Scott.

After fans continued to attack her and her family for their tone-deaf social media remarks following the Astroworld tragedy, which left 10 people dead and hundreds injured and disturbed, the beauty entrepreneur has allegedly postponed the debut of her holiday line for Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner's billion-dollar beauty firm has released four holiday collections in the last four years, with Kylie providing promotional photographs and videos in the days preceding up to the release.

It's nearly the end of November, and fans have yet to see the 2021 Christmas palette or lip kits.

Despite Kylie's silence on social media since the tragedy, with her company page just publishing a repost of ordinary lip kits for the first time yesterday, the Kylie Cosmetics page didn't also drop some excellent Black Friday offers and the much-anticipated Christmas collection.

Meanwhile, fans wonder about the reported release on Twitter.

According to Twitter user @richlux713, Kylie Jenner's holiday collection was supposed to drop yesterday, but because her boyfriend is embroiled in a scandal, "she can't make any moves."

The fan further claimed that the famous cosmetics line is "suffering," If the mom-of-one drops the makeup line, it surely wouldn't be a good look on her.

Other fans took to the social media platform to say that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister is "not suffering" because "She's a billionaire."

@luvhotbeanwater added, "I think she'll be all f------ right."

Meanwhile, other fans blame her relationship with Travis Scott that there's no holiday release from Kylie Cosmetics this year.

@SupremeQueen668 tweeted, "She should've never took him back. She had nothing to do with this and yet she was dragged by into it bcs of Travis."

@pruegenira commented, "She should drop him. Most people think that family is evil, if she keeps him around, it only proves it."

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Other fans are betting that Kylie Jenner would still drop the line despite everything that happened in Astroworld.

@ZuniSilverwolf said, "She'll drop it. After all, profits are more important than morals."

But aside from the drama, many commented on how dull the supposed palette will be, as posted by Rich Lux.

@ashh_dead said, "Her makeup line is trash anyway. Every single pallet she does looks the same and no difference. She's uncreative and just needs to stop."

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