A massive update regarding the autopsy results of Brian Laundrie's remains is reportedly dropping today or tomorrow, according to the Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino.

News Nation Night's Brian Entin shared the news on his Twitter page a few days after he confirmed to his followers that the Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito case and investigation are still active and open.

"I'm told a Brian Laundrie autopsy update is coming today or tomorrow," the reporter's tweet said.

Skeletal remains of the 23-year-old fugitive were discovered in Florida's Myakkahatchee Creek Park more than a month ago - just after a month after his fiancé's body was found in a campsite in Wyoming.

The cause of the death of Brian Laundrie is still being investigated after coroners wasn't able to determine it so they sent the remains to forensic pathologists.

Brian has never officially been named as a suspect in the murder of Gabby Petito but he continues to be the only person of interest in the case.

For several weeks, internet sleuths have been waiting for any update on what could have caused Brian Laundrie's death as the authorities and investigators remained tight-lipped, so people are really excited for what the conclusion to the autopsy could be.

Meanwhile, sleuths continue to theorize on what could be the outcome of the autopsy and investigation on social media and are hoping that Gabby Petito's family would deserve justice.

Fraud Case?

@PNWgirl11 said in a tweet that the case would likely become a fraud case that will just be thrown out.

She further asked, "But would we be closer to naming him in Gabby's case?"

However, @transplnt_mdphd responded that the police couldn't charge a dead person so the fraud case "is definitely out."

"He can't be charged with murder in the traditional sense, but there's some way for him to be noted as the likely/only guilty party in GP's death, so the file can go from 'open' to 'closed.'"

Police Going After the Laundries?

The same Twitter user explained that it's unlikely for the police to go after Brian's parents, Chris and Roberta Laundrie.

"Even if they did, there likely isn't enough to get a conviction (and even if guilty, the jury may feel the govt is persecuting grieving parents), so it's all a waste of resources in their eyes."

The Heartbreaking Truth

@bbytkm believes that, "It's going to be inconclusive," to which @PNWgirl11 said, "100% agree with you. I think it'll be inconclusive but that they found evidence of animal 'feasting' post-Mortem."

The Notebook Has The Answers

Despite obtaining the notebook found near Brian Laundrie's remains, a former FBI agent said that it would take some time before they can do something about it.

@BetsyBeek  tweeted, "Did you see @CoffindafferFBI explanation on that? Is said she is confident the FBI will be able to salvage it. However, it takes time."

Meanwhile, @aileenkelly40 said, "I'm interested to see how much remains were found. One tooth with a filling is not enough to make a believer out of me. I guess the notebook won't be part of this update."


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Not Enough Evidence

@c4l1ber theorized that the news will say there will "Not enough DNA evidence to say he did or did not kill gabs."

Something Fishy From the Laundries

@Aralynn2023 tweeted, "Hmm, kind of coincidental how @BrianEntin & @CoffindafferFBI had a conversation last night on @NewsNationNow about how we haven't heard anything in regards to Gabby/Brian in weeks and now, not even 24 hours later, Bertolino says an update on Brian Laundrie's autopsy is expected?"

@Jessica51394066 asked, "Question is, is it the truth? I don't get why its taken so long for them to announce how he died but they told the world about Gabby pretty much straight away after finding her. There's something seriously dodgy going on."

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