Brian Laundrie's death was attributed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, which surprised many people.

A forensic anthropologist confirmed that the fugitive was murdered instantly when a single gunshot passed through his head.

On Tuesday, the Laundrie family's attorney, Steve Bertolino, verified the news that the cause of death was determined by an anthropologist who acquired the bones after a Sarasota County medical examiner's examination yielded no conclusive results.

"Chris and Roberta Laundrie have been advised that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and that the manner of death was suicide," he added in a statement.

"Chris and Roberta are still grieving the loss of their son and hope that these discoveries will provide both families closure."

While some do not think Brian Laundrie is dead, those who do believe he is are referring to him as a coward and NOT a coward.

The consequence of Gabby Petito's 23-year-old fiancé's suicide is presently being debated on social media.

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Brian Laundrie A Coward or Not?

It all started when Twitter user @liddojolex said, "Brian Laundrie was a f-cking coward and died a coward."

The tweet received more than 600 retweets and more than 3,500 likes, but the responses below show how the internet is debating about the kind of word to describe Brian.

"This is the correct take," @JKatalinich tweeted, while @ErikitainNYC posted a GIF with the words, "THIS. ALL OF THIS."

"And a murdered," @mustangrobby added.

But @Mr_Holodoc  responded to the tweet, explaining why he doesn't believe Brian was a coward.

"If he shot himself, that... says a lot, about how he thought." he tweeted. "It means that he regretted doing that crime."

However, @moonfaery19 had the perfect rebuttal to the statement, saying, "He didn't do it out of anguish for his GF."

"He did it because it was receiving more attention then he thought it would and the walls were closing in on him."

Another Twitter user, @shepersists2 also claims that what Brian Laundrie did wasn't a sign he was a coward.

"I don't think killing yourself is cowardice. He was a murderer and it was a sad end."

However, @armchair_anth also believes that the ending to the most high-profile case wouldn't really make a lot of sense but explained, "' Cowardly' doesn't even make the top 10 of adjectives I'd use to characterize murdering someone, neither committing suicide."

Some people are thankful that he is gone, with @toferj_tweeted, "I hate that he evaded justice, but the world is a better place without him in it."

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