Brian Laundrie's case might instead unveil the biggest plot twist yet once the investigation reaches its end.

Since Gabby Petito went missing, her fiancé, Laundrie, became subject to people's assumptions that he killed and left her in the wild. The legal document revealing what happened to the YouTuber disclosed that she was indeed died by manual strangulation, with Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue ruling it as a homicide.

Laundrie, who had been with her until her death, became the public's number 1 suspect, although the authorities only named him as a person of interest even after the remains were proven to belong to him.

Despite most people pointing fingers at the fugitive, some internet users suggested a new hair-raising theory that no one else mentioned before.

Brian Laundrie Only Defended Himself?

On Twitter, Fox News journalist Michael Ruiz revealed that the attorney of Petito's parents said he could not comment on the case yet. However, the representative reportedly hinted that a possibility of new charges against "additional people" might be filed soon.

This shocked some users, as Laundrie's parents Chris and Roberta are probably the "individuals" they were referring to.

Still, this led to people assuming that Laundrie probably killed Petito due to two things - self-defense and rage.

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"Wow. Wouldn't it be the ULTIMATE twist of fate IF IN FACT #GabbyPetito attacked #BrianLaundrie & he killed her in a combination of self-defense & rage but he knew popular opinion was against him so much nobody would believe him. So he believed the only way out was suicide," a user said.

Meanwhile, a video posted in September features Laundrie showing "proof" he had been a victim of domestic abuse.

"Part of the 911 audio here where someone sees Brian Laundrie slapping Gabby. And she was the aggressor? The marks on his face are more like self-defense if you ask me. This is so sad," the caption read.

Indeed, the experts who previously viewed the clip told Deseret News that there could have been domestic violence happened between the two.

According to the director of the Masters of Public Health program at Rutgers University's Newark campus Evan Stark, it is important to understand that women's rights are different from domestic violence cases.

For now, this should be taken with a grain of salt as Gabby Petito's case is yet to be closed.

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