Is Celine Dion going to die?

There have been allegations that she has had health problems in recent years, particularly when she appeared to lose a lot of weight.

The Canadian singer was set to begin her residency in Las Vegas, but she had to postpone it after reportedly going on a bad diet and starving herself in general.

Celine Dion is "preparing for her funeral," according to the National Enquirer.

When her Las Vegas residency was postponed, one doctor speculated that the singer of "My Heart Will Go On" may be suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Another report claims she has lost 95 pounds as a result of what she eats or the lack thereof.

"Celine's dramatic weight reduction has raised eyebrows. She'd been rehearsing for her comeback to the stage for months, but her body couldn't handle it."

Celine Dion Isn't Able To Sing Because She's Too Stressed

According to another story from Star magazine, Celine Dion's Las Vegas residency has been canceled due to her sadness.

René Angelil, the 53-year-old's spouse and manager, died a few years ago. He was said to have invested a lot of work into setting up her last residence.

"It's been incredibly difficult for her to go out on her own and create a new program without his guiding hand," their insider stated.

Her anxiety was exacerbated by the stress of having to cancel her previous tour.

"She wanted to reclaim her career in a huge way, but the stress was too much for her."

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Celine Dion Will Be Replaced By ABBA?


According to the National Enquirer, the vocalist will be replaced by ABBA.

"Instead of hitting the road, the four stars are seriously contemplating a $100 million offer to replace Celine at The Colosseum in Las Vegas, which was constructed for her," their source said.

Celine Dion's Health and ABBA's Potential Replacement

Several allegations that Celine Dion was dying or on the approach of death have previously been refuted by Gossip Cop.

Despite the fact that she had to reschedule shows and postpone her Las Vegas residency due to health issues, there was nothing catastrophic.

While it's true that ABBA will be appearing in a series of concerts, there's no way they'll be able to take Celine Dion's place.

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