Johnny Depp ruled the center stage again as the "canceled" actor was still able to reach a new milestone.

In a new article by Daily Mail, where the news outlet called Depp as a wife-beater, it has been revealed that Christian Dior still got his back.

"Johnny's fanbase has stuck by him and remains loyal to him. He has enjoyed a professional relationship with Dior since 2015 and he is currently promoting the new Sauvage Elixir cologne, which is selling out on both sides of the Atlantic," a source told the news outlet.

Depp has been the face of Dio's Sauvage aftershave. Although the actor lost his major projects, including "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Fantastic Beasts," he managed to retain his status in the luxury fashion brand.

The insider added that sales still increased even after all that happened, and Dior reportedly has no plans to drop him anytime soon. In addition, his fans continuously purchase his new cologne to show their support and love for him.

Dior reserved notable prints and TV advertisements for Sauvage Elixir around the globe. The company describes him as an "uncompromising, profound, authentic" person who has always been mesmerizing.

Dior Suffers Criticisms For Continuously Working With Johnny Depp

Amid the success of Depp, several domestic abuse campaigners called out the brand for allowing the actor to work again.

"It's extremely disappointing and irresponsible of Dior, especially when we are looking at a situation that isn't just an allegation any more," lawyer Rachel Horman-Brown said.

She noted that the court already ruled that Depp was indeed a wife-beater. Still, Dior chose to "use him" like they were condoning abuse and violence against women.

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A spokesperson for Dior and Depp is yet to comment on Horman-Brown's statement. Still, his fans offered him congratulatory messages and pledged to support him no matter what.

"Just the king being the king. This is what happens when you support survivors of DV. Keep crying media Relieved face #thankyoudior," one said.


"We stand with @Dior for supporting Johnny Depp in his quest to clear his name and fighting for the truth. #Sauvage is a best seller bc people know the truth!" one added.

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