Prince William might have settled down with Kate Middleton in 2011; he would never forget his ex-girlfriend, especially her family, which significantly impacted his life decisions today.

According to Express UK, the Duke of Cambridge recently reflected on his past while walking around his grandmother's Sandringham estate for an audio series titled "Time to Walk."

The Prince traveled in time by reminiscing his experiences in Kenya, living with his rumored love interest, Jecca Craig, and her family.

Her father, Ian Craig, reportedly made him a conservationist.

In the audio series, he mentioned that he had a fantastic experience in the country as he saw Ian darting for "research purposes" during his teenage years.

The Duke, along with his brother Prince Harry, met Ian in 1995 when they visited the Craig family's massive Lewa Downs conservation ranch.

Fascinated with the family's research, he touched an elephant for the first time, which is a "really special" and "very priveleged" experience for him.

The future monarch went on to open up about how the family made him a conservationist, saying conservation was a different setup back then.

However, Ian Craig came up with the idea that brings the two entities, humans and animals, together.

"This is where I started to realise what the job is. A large part of it was community engagement, getting to meet people and understand their challenges."

Prince William's Conservationism

Today, the Duke of Cambridge is a patron of Tusk Trust, a charity that aims to conserve wildlife and educate people across Africa.

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Aside from that, he's also involved with other charities like WildAid, which campaigns to conserve wild animals such as rhinos, elephants, and sharks.

Prince William, Jecca Craig

According to the Daily Mail UK, the Prince started to have feelings for Jecca when he visited Kenya after graduating from Eton.

However, the rumored couple stopped communicating when the Duke attended the University of St. Andrews in 2001, where he met his wife, Kate Middleton.

At the time, courtiers vehemently denied that there was nothing romantic going on between Prince William and Jecca, but many reports have alleged that the two dated.

In 2011, Jecca attended the Duke and Cambridge's royal wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Years later, Prince William flew to Kenya to witness Jecca tie the knot with Professor Jonathan Baillie.

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