Britney Spears should reportedly break up with Sam Asghari before "it's too late," the man's ex-girlfriend warned.

Both Spears and Asghari had different relationships before they got engaged. But they immediately clicked when they first met on the set of the pop star's music video for "Slumber Party."

Despite their closer connection in the past years, Asghari's ex-girlfriend reportedly warned the singer about the man's past romantic history she should be worried about.

Star recently reported that Spears is walking into another headache after scoring a win in her conservatorship program. It turns out that Asghari's ex-girlfriend sent a warning about the fitness expert, telling the singer he is only using her for her fame and money.

The source who broke the news then asked Spears to call off their wedding "before it's too late."

"Sam is definitely using Britney," the mystery woman dishes. "If she wasn't rich and famous, there's no way he'd be with her!" the insider said. "The last thing Britney needs is Sam and his user friends taking advantage of her. She's already had so many bad people in her life."

It somewhat makes sense since Asghari himself revealed in a new interview with The New York Times (via Us Weekly) that he is saying goodbye to his career as a personal trainer to focus on doing stunt choreography and acting.

Does Britney Spears Truly Have Something To Be Worried About?

What's off about the report is that the tipster did not choose to share the tip to a news outlet where Spears always reads news stories. If the source did, the singer would highly likely bump into the warning and prepare herself for what Asghari truly plans.

However, no other news outlet ever reported about it - making the report look like something fishy about it.

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Asghari never left her hanging in the air, especially when the legal battle into the singer's conservatorship started. In fact, the fitness expert even spoke against Spears' father and defended her.

"Now it's important for people to understand that I have zero respect for someone trying to control our relationship and constantly throwing obstacles our way. In my opinion, Jamie is a total d---," Asghari wrote a few hours after the release of "Framing Britney Spears."

He also proclaimed he would always express his opinion, especially when he and Spears are involved.

With that, the warning should never be taken seriously and just let the duo live their lives.

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