Jennifer Lopez's team is said to have asked her a massive favor to save herself.

According to New Idea, the actress's representative advises her to break up with her on-again lover, Ben Affleck.

They are concerned that her reputation will be harmed as a result of her relationship with the "Gone Girl" actress.

"They're in covert crisis meetings trying to get ahead of it all," a source told the site, "because they're concerned she'll be canceled by 'woke America.'"

JLo's family and friends, according to the insider, aren't thrilled that they've gotten back together more than 15 years after their engagement ended.

After all, there are several worries about Ben, particularly in light of his drinking issues.

"JLo's close pals have never been supportive of her reuniting with Ben. They're hoping she'll dump him."

But, according to the insider, things got even worse when the "Hustlers" actress supported her lover when he said he felt stuck in his marriage to Jennifer Garner.

Supporters of the "Alias" actress went to her side almost immediately, but it appeared like JLo was the only one on Ben's side.

Ben then clarified what he meant and emphasized that he didn't mean to insult the mother of his three children when he said it.

Unfortunately, the harm has already been done, and the public will remember what he said about Jennifer Garner forever.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on the Verge of Getting Married?

JLo and Ben are supposedly hurrying to settle down, according to a report published earlier this week.

Ben's buddy Ellen Pompeo, on the other hand, is said to have begged him to reconsider his decision.

According to the Globe, the "Grey's Anatomy" star does not want the "Batman v. Superman" actor to make rash judgments.

Ellen is also concerned about the chance that he would cheat on JLo, as he did with Jennifer a few years back.


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The Facts Behind These Claims

There's no indication that Jennifer Lopez's management has put pressure on her to quit her relationship with Ben Affleck, so take this allegation with a grain of salt.

There are also no other report from other outlets that suggest Ellen Pompeo gave Ben guidance.

There's also no evidence that JLo and Ben are on the verge of getting married.

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