Even the best intentions don't always play out the way you expect them to.

Gal Gadot, the superstar actress who has been seen in Wonder Woman, Red Notice, and is soon to be seen in Death on the Nile, has been reflecting on her problematic 2020 cover of John Lennon's Imagine. The video starred herself and featured other big names including Natalie Portman, Mark Ruffalo, Amy Adams, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, and others for a celebrity sing-a-long of the classic song at the onset of the pandemic back in March of 2020. Gadot reflected, "It wasn't the right timing, and it wasn't the right thing. It was in poor taste. All pure intentions, but sometimes you don't hit the bull's eye, right?"

Gadot casts a portion of the mal-timed video to her awarness of the pandemic in other countries. "With the whole, 'Imagine' controversy, it's funny...I was calling Kristen [Wiig] and I was like, 'Listen, I want to do this thing.' The pandemic was in Europe and Israel before it came here in the same way. I was seeing where everything was headed. But [the video] was premature." Here is the original video below:

Self-awareness is crucial in being able to move forward. Gadot is is continuing to move forward in the film adaptation of Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile. This stunning, suspense-filled, star studded movie includes some of our absolute favorite things: murder mystery and the scandelous actions of the filthy rich. Death on the Nile will premiere on February 11, 2022.