Prince Charles would ultimately use his power as future king by having a bombshell plan for Prince Andrew already.

Prince Charles' desire to slim down the monarchy divided the royal fans as some see it as something beneficial while others think otherwise. His plan would only highlight the works of those closer to the throne, including the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

With that, his siblings and their families would lose the spotlight they once enjoyed.

But aside from cutting Prince Andrew off from the main royals, the Prince of Wales reportedly planned to strip off his titles regardless of the outcome of Virginia Giuffre's civil lawsuit.

According to Prince Andrew's biographer, Nigel Cawthorne, the duke would not gain any positive things a week before the beginning of his US civil court case. He explained that Prince Andrew would lose his military and charitable roles entirely only after Prince Charles becomes king.

With the new allegations filed against the Duke of York, Cawthorne shared how the royal prince would not be able to "dodge the bullet."

"The FBI still wants to question him in its investigation into Epstein's rich and powerful friends and, unless he goes to court and is able to completely clear his name, he will forever be tainted by these accusations," he said as quoted by Express.

Because of this, he warned that the duke would be in great trouble once his brother finally succeeds in the throne.

Prince Charles, Prince William Furious Because of THIS

One factor that could push Prince Charles - and Prince William - to remove Prince Andrew's titles is the current unimpressive affect his case has been causing the royal family.

In a report shared by The Telegraph, Queen Elizabeth II herself could cash out her own savings to cover the payoff Giuffre wants. The news outlet noted that the sum is expected to exceed over $5 million.

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The newspaper revealed that the Queen has been stressing herself with Prince Andrew's legal fees ever since he started seeking legal guidance following his crash Newsnight interview.

Because of this, the heirs to the throne are reportedly furious due to the growing cost of Prince Andrew's legal showdown.

As of the writing, Prince Andrew and his team are trying to make the court dismiss the case. But even if they would be successful or not in doing so, it is implausible for Prince Charles to show mercy.

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