On January 9, hopeful Oscar-nominee Kristen Stewart sat down with ET's Matt Cohen to talk about her performance as Princess Diana in Spencer, but the two also found time to talk about some other things - namely, her upcoming wedding to actress and screenwriter Dylan Meyer, and the fact that the cult classic Twilight is experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity among teens and young adults.

On the first subject, Stewart seemed a little caught off-guard at the question of what she and Meyer were going to wear for the ceremony. She seemed to think about spilling the beans to Cohen:

"I think the whole thing is that you're supposed to be a surprise. You know what I mean? I mean I guess, traditionally speaking - and in this case...I don't know, detail-wise, how many traditions we're gonna follow - I'm gonna wear...um..."

Then, seemingly making the decision right then and there, she said:

"I know what I'm gonna wear. And I can't tell you."

That little teaser clip aside, Stewart was also caught off-guard by something else: The revival of the Twilight fandom after about ten years of relative dormancy, mostly thanks to the release of the films on Netflix (and the release of the new, previously-cancelled retelling of the first book from Edward's POV, Midnight Sun). When Cohen introduced this concept - explaining that even teen sensation Olivia Rodrigo was unironically repping the brand - she seemed genuinely surprised:

"I kinda had no idea. This is great. Like I saw that it was on Netlix - right? It's on Netflix? - yeah...it's weird...on one hand, you're like, 'oh, I'm old, my god. Felt like that was ten minutes ago.'"

Nonetheless, however, Stewart said that if she could go back in time and talk to the version of herself that was doing Twilight ten years ago, she would just tell her to keep on going.

"Every salve I would attempt to offer I would actually probably take right back - because you have to go through it, man. You have to learn every hard lesson...every step that has led me here has been, I think, messy, but the right one."

We hope Stewart gets to continue making those messy-but-right decisions in her career moving forward - and we can't wait to finally see what she chooses to wear in her wedding to Dylan Meyer.

We'll know if Kristen Stewart was nominated for an Oscar with Spencer when the nominations drop on February 8 - stay tuned. In the meantime, watch the full ET Interview here: