Larsa Pippen opened up about her relationship with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, whom she previously had a feud with - although she described it merely as a "little situation." She revealed that Kanye West actually apologized to her and that as Kim's former close friend, she's happy that the reality star is now dating Pete Davidson.  

Kanye West was allegedly involved in the fallout between Larsa Pippen and Kim Kardashian, who used to be so close.  But significant amount of time has passed and Larsa Pippen now has some good news to share about the feud's development or status.

"The Real Housewives of Miami" star now feels compelled to share how she views the creator of SKIMS, and revealed to EDaily !'s Pop on January 12 that things have  definitely eased up.  "We're in a really good place," Larsa said. 


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It was a situation between her and Kanye as much as it was between her and Kim Kardashian. Kanye reportedly apologized and this set things off to a better direction. 

"As soon as I moved back to L.A., he reached out to me and he apologized and I just feel like we're in a really good place right now," Larsa said about the "Stronger" rapper. Asked what she thinks of Kim's hot new romance with "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson, 28. "You know what, I just want everyone to be happy," Larsa coyly responded. "If you're happy, I'm happy."

Kanye's participation in Larsa's split from Kim was previously discussed on the Hollywood Raw Podcast in November 2020. According to Larsa, Kanye was "at a phase where he truly didn't trust anyone with Kim," and she accused the father of four of "brainwashing" her. 

Apart from the apology, a fresh beginning for Larsa's connection with her ex-bestie may have opened up as a result of Kim and Kanye's recent breakup. 

Larsa has been quizzed on her relationship with Kim since the debut of "RHOM" season 4 on December 16th. On December 21, she told Entertainment Tonight, that never provided her side of the story. 

"I'm always the kind of friend or whatever that doesn't really give her side of the story. This kind of gives me a chance to give my side of the story, so I was really excited about that," she shared. 

On the debut episode of the Peacock series, viewers saw Larsa briefly address the problem with Kim and her divorce from her NBA star husband, Scottie Pippen, 56. She claimed that despite criticisms, she showed people that she could survive without her ex. 

"People thought I wouldn't make it without Scottie. People thought I couldn't make it without some old friends," Larsa told a few of her co-stars over drinks. "I'm great. I just basically want to, like, live my best life, have fun, do whatever I want unapologetically," she added.

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