Wendy Williams' "The Wendy Williams Show" was taped inside her $4.5 million penthouse during the early months of the pandemic to keep her daily show on the air. 

Fans of the presenter, on the other hand, were concerned, remarking that she appeared "erratic" on TV. 

Williams regularly appeared on TV in her bathrobe during those live presentations from her home, and on more than one occasion, she began a section by weeping hysterically. 

While viewers were focusing on their host for her out-of-control conduct, what happened during lockdown in her posh New York house looked to be more disturbing.

Williams has been heavily drinking since her stay in a sober house after divorcing her husband Kevin Hunter in 2019, according to sources who spoke to The Sun.

The media celebrity struggled with her drug troubles the next year. 

Williams had a problematic event with a few of individuals present while she worked from home just before her team claimed she was hospitalized for Graves' disease in May 2020. 

According to insiders, her manager was summoned to her penthouse residence when she appeared ill during a Zoom show recording earlier this week. 

Williams' manager and a small group of confidants showed up to her house to express their support for the ailing talk show host.

Wendy Williams had stripped nude in her room and was sexually caressing herself while uttering profanities, according to sources. 

Those who were present were said to be horrified and quickly asked for medical assistance. 

She apparently became even more belligerent as medical workers arrived at her home, but she was finally brought to the hospital. 

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Following the event, the show stated that its host will take a break to deal with the symptoms of Graves' disease.

However, the break lasted until the 11th season's finale, and Williams never returned to her home tapings. 

They were back in the studio to shoot by September 2020.

Any mentions of "The Wendy Williams Show's" at-home tapings have been wiped from their official Instagram page. 

Most of the people who witnessed what happened that day seemed to have been removed from the embattled host's life. 

One source at the incident revealed, "Wendy does not want to associate with anybody who was there that day."

Another said, "Everyone knows not to get too close to Wendy. It will backfire, and when it does, you'll get burned."

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