A new comedy is coming to Paramount Pictures, and you will be counting down the days until you see it!

Rapper Kendrick Lamar, Dave Free, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker have joined together to produce a live-action comedy film for Paramount Pictures. From Stone and Parker's experience on South Park we can be certain that this comedy will be a hilariously irrevereant masterpiece. The untitled film was written by Vernon Chatman. It follows the story of a black man who plays a slave in a Civil War reeneactment at a living history museum. Through this job he comes to learn that his girlfriend's family once owned his family. While a cast and director have not yet been attatched to the project, we can be sure that this will be an unmissable cinematic event.

Adult Swim's The Shivering Truth Screening
(Photo : (Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Turner))

The confidence surrounding Chatman's script is warrented. He has won four Emmy and Peabody awards for writing. His expertice at his craft is apparent in his other works such as The Shivering Truth and Wonder Showzen. Wonder Showzden was known for its irreverent humor. Some episodes of the show never made it to air. In an interview Chatman once reflected on an episode that was never seen by the public eye. "It was like a little kid crying after a whole thing about veterans being treated like garbage and everything. And then we had the image of a burning flag, animated in the reflection of a child's tear, and they cut that." We can be certain that Chatman has written this same flare into this new untitled script!