The new MGMT album is available for streaming on RDIO ahead of its Sept. 17 release.

The Connecticut based band's new self-titled album is up for a full stream for RDIO users. The streaming experience features The Optimizer, which serves as a trippy visual accompaniment to the audio and plays througout the duration of the record. The Optimizer will be played on a big screen at New York's Knitting Factory on Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. for free.

The new album's sound takes quite a detour from the band's last album, Congratulations. The band is known for not sticking to one sound and switching things up with every album. The rockers are also on the September cover of Pitchfork, the story was published on Wednesday. 

The magazine interview includes MGMT speaking about fans wanting it to revisit the sound of its debut album, Oracular Spectacular:

"There are still people who secretly hope that we're going to come out with an album of songs that sound like 'Kids,'" said Benjamin Goldwasser.

"With pretty much every song on this new album, we were like, 'This time we're gonna write a pop song,'" Andrew VanWyngarden added. "But at this point in our careers, we can'twrite a pop song."

MGMT is scheduled to perform at the Virgin Mobile USA Free Fest at the Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia on Sept. 22 before embarking on its European tour Sept. 26.

Here's the tracklist for the new album:

1. Alien Days
2. Cool Song No. 2
3. Mystery Disease
4. Instrospection (Faine Jade cover)
5. Your Life Is a Lie
6. A Good Sadness
7. Astro-Mancy
8. I Love You Too, Death
9. Plenty of Girls in the Sea
10. An Orphan of Fortune

Watch the video for Your Life Is a Lie:

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