Dec 02, 2013 04:08 PM EST By Kevin Jacobsen

Upcoming Album Releases: December 2013 Includes New Music from Britney Spears, R. Kelly, Jake Owen & More [PHOTOS]

December is a slower month of album releases, but several major artists are still coming out with new music within the month.

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  • Britney Spears' new album 'Britney Jean'
  • Jake Owen's new album 'Days of Gold' out Dec. 3.
  • Leona Lewis' new Christmas album 'Christmas, With Love' out Dec. 3.
  • Muse's new live album 'Live at Rome Olympic Stadium' out Dec. 3.
  • Boston's new album 'Life, Love & Hope' out Dec. 3.
  • Black Flag's new album 'What the...' out Dec. 3.
  • Childish Gambino's new album 'Because the Internet' out Dec. 10.
  • R. Kelly's new album 'Black Panties' out Dec. 10.
  • Parmalee's major label debut album 'Feels Like Carolina' out Dec. 10.
  • Brendan Benson's new album 'You Were Right' out Dec. 10.
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