Teen Wolf's Scott McCall is Beacon Hills newest Alpha, but the young werewolf may not utilize his power in same way as his predecessors.

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The supernaturally crowded California town has been the home to a range of Alphas. While Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) and Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) both desired to be Alphas purely for power - both to very different results - Scott (Tyler Posey) became a True Alpha based on his character. According to Posey, Scott's upstanding and equalizing nature will continue to dominate his dealings with his pack.

"I don't even know if Scott views himself as an Alpha," Posey explained at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in April. "I mean I know he does, he cares [for] and looks after people and steps up to the plate when he has to, but I don't think he puts himself up on that pedestal. I think he is too good of a guy to be like, 'Yeah, I'm the man.'"

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There is definitely one person who Scott does not see as his inferior.

"With Derek, I don't think he views himself as Derek's Alpha," the actor continued. "I think they're just companions, brothers. They're always going to be teaching each other and learning new thing."

Watch Scott handle his new role and attempt to build up his pack when Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 23.