Austin Mahone 2014: Singer Jokes His Bowling Job Before Hitting It Big Was ‘Child Slavery’? [VIDEO]

Austin Mahone has an amazing career with hit songs and loads of fans, but what did the 18-year-old do before he was an internationally recognized pop star?

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Mahone was a bowling alley attendant! "I had a job setting up bowling pins," Mahone dished on Chelsea Lately. "They would make kids go and set up the pins after they got knocked down."

Mahone admitted that working on the bowling lanes could get "pretty dangerous." Mahone even got hit by a bowling ball a couple of times! But, did Mahone like the job at all? Not really.

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"It was child slavery," Mahone joked about the job. "It was horrible." Mahone said his mom was a part of a bowling team, hence why he started his bowling gig.

Mahone also dished on his celebrity friends. Despite, recently saying he thought people comparing him to Justin Bieber was "obnoxious," he did tell Chelsea Handler that they were friends and had been making music. "We were in the studio for about a week recording music." Handler also asked Mahone about opening for Taylor Swift last summer.

"She's cool, she's really tall," Mahone replied. "We had a food fight on the tour, which was pretty cool. She's a sweetheart." After working with Swift and Bieber, who does Mahone really want to collaborate with? Drake. "I want to work with Drake. I'm a big fan of Drake, hopefully I'll get to do that."

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