British diver Tom Daley has been coy about his romantic life, but his rumored girlfriend, 17-year-old Kassidy Cook, just took a long trip to be close to her alleged beau.

"Hello London :)" the American diver tweeted on Monday. She was unable to make it to the city for the 2012 Games after a dislocated shoulder kept her off the American Team, but Heat Celebrity News reports Cook was so desperate to see 18-year-old Daley that she took a flight straight from Texas to be with him in Britain.

Cook also retweeted a friend of hers, Abby Feeney, who wrote, "Jealous of my best fran @KassidyCook1 because she gets to go to London for a week!! I'll miss ya but have funnn."

The romance with Cook was confirmed by Daley's teammate and friend, diver Tonia Couch.

"He likes his American girls. Kassidy and he always see each other when they go away," Couch said. "They buy each other birthday presents because they're both born in May. They're not boyfriend-girlfriend but they're a very hot couple."

But Daley's mother didn't have any juice to offer on her son's love life, saying that he hasn't had a serious relationship - or at least not one he's talked about with his mom.

"He's never had a proper girlfriend -- well, not one that he's told me about!" Daley's mother Debbie Daley said.

Daley's teammate Couch also dished on how fame affects the young diver, who has been dogged by gay rumors during the London Games.

"It's hard because he's so famous, everyone just loves him because he's famous," she said. "He's still young for a girlfriend I guess. He's got so much ahead of him. He's said to me he doesn't want a girlfriend till after the Olympics. So, we'll see. Some lucky girl out there."

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