Hilary Swank and her boyfriend of five years John Campi are one of the latest celebrity couples to publicly call it quits.

However, Swank's rep told E! News, the pair actually split in May.

The couple began dating in 2007.

The "Million Dollar Baby" actress spent most of the summer filming "Mary & Martha" with Brenda Blethyn in South Africa and Wilmington, N.C. 

After eight and a half years of marriage, Chad Lowe and Swank divorced in May 2006. Swank then began her relationship with Campisi.

Lowe married producer Kim Painter two years ago, and the couple is expecting their second child together this fall.

Although, children and marriage weren't on the couple's radar, Swank had told InStyle magazine, they still discussed the possibility of it happening someday.

"I believe in the sanctity of marriage. John and I, you know, we were both in long marriages and it's not something that we need to rush back into," said in the Sept. 2010 issue of the magazine. 

Swank was also a mother-figure to Campisi's son.

The A-lister said she does not believe break-ups are a failure. "Friends of mine and I talk about this. Does someone come into your life for a certain time, and then you are supposed to go your separate ways? There's a part of me that thinks that's true." 

Swank also told InStyle, that she believed there are some friendships "that we grow out of. But I believe in the long haul. I believe in having a monogamous relationship."