Shia LaBeouf's 'Cage Fight:' Actor Climbs Like An Animal & Has Wild Battle With Maddie Ziegler In Sia's Eerie VIDEO For 'Elastic Heart'


Shia LaBeouf may be known as the actor who's done a range of crazy publicity stunts in the last year and this time he's taken his eccentric energy into a music video.

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On Wednesday, the video for Sia's hit "Elastic Heart" was released where LaBeouf makes an appearance with Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler, who was also in Sia's video for "Chandelier." The two are inside a giant cage where the actor wears nothing except for tan underwear and Ziegler wears a tan leotard.

Ziegler used some bizarre dancing skills and facial expressions in the "Chandelier" video and she's definitely not stopping in this rendition. She shivers and gapes her mouth open in "Elastic Heart" as she gets down on the floor and makes her way towards LeBeouf who looks pretty frightened. The 12-year-old then starts chasing the actor inside the cage and even throws him against the bars.

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As creepy as the energy of the video might be, it actually shows off the dancing talent that Ziegler has. She makes her way onto LeBeouf's back where he throws her off and they go martial arts on each other, but in a graceful way. As she starts doing some turns and kicks her legs around, LeBeouf makes his way onto the bars of the cage and climbs his way up as if he's a human insect.

Check out the unique video below and see how these two make a connection.

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