Jennifer Lopez Interview 2015: 'Boy Next Door' Actress Proves She's Still 'Jenny From the Block' After She Smacks Man on Ellen [VIDEO]

Ellen Degeneres is hilarious and loves to take celebrities out of their comfort zones. Sometimes she plays games that like "Never Have I Ever" to get them to be a bit more candid and other times, she just scares the hell out of them. Unfortunately, that's what she felt like doing to mega star and "American Idol" judge, Jennifer Lopez when she appeared on her show.

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Jen's new movie, "The Boy Next Door," comes out in theater today (Jan. 23). To promote her new film, she visited Ellen to get a chance to tell audiences all about her new project. She said of her new thriller, "You'll be on the edge of your seats... It's one of those movies, you're watching and you know something's gonna happen, you just don't know when it's gonna happen!"

As she explained the premise of the film, Ellen and her producers planned for a man dressed in a cougar suit to come in and scare her. It's ironic because Jen was explaining how she liked to be scared, "I don't like scary movies-But..."

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And then it happened.

The funny part is, the usually cool, calm and collected actress immediately reverted to Jenny from the Bronx when she was scared. Her reaction was a bit delayed but the first thing she thought to do was to hit the person who scared her, as if she was on the playground on her old block. She even cursed and told Ellen she was "an a-hole" for scaring her.

Ellen, you make some great TV.

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Don't forget to check out J.Lo's new movie, "The Boy Next Door," in theaters now.

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