Lindsay Lohan Fight With Mom, Details Emerge

Amid the news that actress Lindsay Lohan and mother Dina were recently involved in an altercation, the recording of the telephone call between the 26-year-old and her father Michael Lohan has now allgedly surfaced.

During the conversation, Lilo claims that she gave her mother $40,000 because Dina has said that she would lose her home to foreclosure if she didn't get it. However, the actress decided she wanted her money back and that's apparently when the argument ignited.

TMZ obtained audio of the conversation from the ordeal, during which Lindsay can be heard sobbing to her dad over her mother's actions, as she reveals to him that the fight started over money. Dina allegedly became aggressive soon after.

"She's saying disgusting things to me ...I'm dead to her now," Lindsay told Michael.

It was also revealed that Dina requested the driver take her home to Long Island in order to avoid spending money on a taxi, while Lindsay wanted to be taken to her NYC hotel.  However, Dina was the one to prevail despite intense resistance from her famous daughter.

The Nassau County Police had been called early Wednesday Oct. 10, when "The Canyons" star began fighting with her mother in a limousine en route to North Merrick, Long Island at roughly 4 a.m.  The two Lohans were reportedly coming from a NYC nightclub where Dina got "wasted."

Lilo also told her dad that she received a cut on her leg when her diamond bracelet was broken during the now public tiff. 

"I have a gash on my leg from what happened," she said.

Nassau police spokesman Officer Eloise Abdullah spoke to the Daily News on the incident that transpired, saying the following:

"It was an argument between Lindsay Lohan and her mother. The police responded, and no further police action was taken. It was closed out. There were no injuries and no complaints followed. There is nothing else we can do."

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio from the quarrel.

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