Celebrities on social media are nothing new. Some enjoy the medium as a way to more directly connect with fans, others prefer only to promote their projects. Quite often even famous feuds breakout on Twitter and Instagram. But rarely does a celeb call out a civilian for lying...but that’s just what action movie legend Arnold Schwarzenegger did on Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet."

On Wednesday evening a Redditor going by the handle Republican_Atheist posted an early review of Terminator: Genysis to the R/Movies subreddit, the social news site’s subsection/community dedicated to film discussion and movie news.

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Although the supposed spoiler heavy text post by the user, who claimed to have seen the big budget entry in the sci-fi/action franchise well before its July release, has now been deleted, his (or her) comments and replies to other users’ questions remain. The basic gist of Republican_Atheist’s take on the movie is that it’s a poorly made cash grab with an overabundance of callbacks to previous Terminator movies and unfairly killed off franchise mainstay John Connor (who was played by Edward Furlong in Terminator 2 and may be the movie’s main villain).

But then, much like a cyborg assassin sent from the future to kill a woman so she can never give birth to the leader of a human resistance movement, Schwarzenegger himself showed up in the comments section to respond to the post’s author.

“This guy has not seen the movie. He may have hallucinated that he saw the movie,” the Governator wrote in the post’s comment section on Thursday with his verified Reddit account, GovSchwarzenegger. He then added in the same comment box after a page break: “Source: Me.”

The quip quickly became the top comment and Republican_Atheist submission and comments were almost immediately downvoted by the Reddit community. A screengrab of the exchange even it made to the top of the“Quit Your Bullsh*t” subreddit.

But despite all the hate, the original lying poster still seemed excited for a response from one of the biggest names in Hollywood. “Arnold personally debunked my bullsh*t. This is the greatest day of my life,” Republican_Atheist wrote in response to Schwarzenegger’s comment.

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This isn’t the first time that the Governator has shown up on Reddit. He’s done numerous AMAs (Reddit’s crowd-sources interviews), posted links to his political op-eds, shared pics and videos and even given encouragement to Redditors trying to get in shape.

So let this be a lesson, kids. Don’t lie about a Schwarzenegger movie on Reddit…or he’ll catch it and expose you.