Lauren London Hints That An 'ATL' Sequel Is In The Works

By Ashley Rushford on Dec 30, 2017 06:30 PM EST

Fans of Lauren London will probably never forget her breakout role in the movie ATL. In the film, London stars as New New, who is also rapper T.I.'s love interest.

ATL instantly became a classic when it debuted in March 2006 and will forever remain unforgettable. Ever since its debut, fans have begged and probably prayed for a sequel to happen.

In September, fans began to speculate that the film would most likely happen, because of a few photos London shared on Instagram. London took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and T.I., which she captioned, "my brother forever @troubleman31."

On Sept. 2nd, 2017, London took to Instagram again to share another photo of some of the cast of ATL. T.I. can be seen in this photo, as well as, Malika Haqq and Khadija Haqq. Most may know the Haqq's from the film but are probably more familiar with the two from their appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Well, the speculations and begging can finally end. In an interview with Complex, London revealed that an ATL sequel is in the works.

"I know that they are working on it, and I know that this is something that they are trying to push forward, London said."

Although London did not have all of the details, she stated that T.I. would have more insight as to what's happening with the film.

"I do know as much as the fans want it we want it too," London continued.

Lauren London and T.i. Confirm ATL Sequel 

In May, T.I. told Z107.9's The Day Party, that they are working to make the film happen, but they are currently facing a few obstacles. One of the obstacles was the fact that London was pregnant with her second child with rapper, Nipsey Hussle.

The coming of age drama follows four working-class teenagers that live in an Atlanta neighborhood where hip-hop music rules and the cool hangout spot is the local skating rink. The teenagers face challenges on and off the rink that help to bring turning points in their lives.

The film is still remembered to this very day and features a wide range of actors, such as former Outkast member, Big Boi, Evan Ross, Malika Haqq and Jason Weaver. The film is directed by Chris Robinson legendary actor, Will Smith has also helped to produce the film.

Although an official date for the sequel hasn't been confirmed, fans can be relieved to know that the cast and crew are working together recapture the original magic of ATL.

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