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According to a new report by Mashable, more people have been killed this year from accidents resulting from trying to take a selfies than shark attacks. The most recent victim, a man who fell while trying to take a picture of himself at the Taj Mahal and died from his injuries, brings the global selfie-related death toll to 12 (versus the number of people killed by sharks this year, which is eight). Be safe out there folks -- unless you have a selfie stick.

Annnnd another one bites the dust. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who got the least amount of air time during the last Republican debate, has officially dropped out of the GOP presidential race. A recent poll showed walked pulling an impressive 0.0 percent of Republican voters. Sorry to see you go, Scott. For those of you counting at home, this bring the full number of candidates angled for the conservative party nomination to 15.

Car manufacturer Volkswagen is feeling the fallout after it admitted that it had rigged millions of cars to emit a less harmful amount of emission when tested than when they were in actually use on the road. Shares of the company have already dropped by a third of its value and its leadership is reportedly setting aside billions of dollars to cover the cost of recalls.

GET HIM!!! It seems the ENTIRE internet has gotten out the pitchforks and torches against Martin Shkreli, the former hedge funder turned pharmaceutical CEO who bought the rights to make a drug that's been on the market for over 60 years and is used treat toxoplasmosis, a condition that's life threatening to AIDS patients...and jacked the price up from $13.50 to $750 a pill. Shkreli's public comments in response to criticism (or this picture that he once posted of himself online) don't seem to help be helping the situation either.

Hollywood legend Robert De Niro interview is kind of famous for not giving the most emotionally open and generous interviews, but his most recent clash with a reporter trying to get him to talk is pretty ridiculous. Radio Times writer Emma Brockes details her recent exchange with the actor, who (while promoting his new film The Intern) walked out of meeting because Brockes "negative inference."

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Watch This: This year's Oscar race just got a little more crowded, as Paramount dropped the trailer for The Big Short. The adaptation of the Michael Lewis book about the true story of people who saw the housing market bubble of the early 2000s, thus predicting the 2008 financial crisis, and bet against the big banks stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt. It originally wasn't slated to open till 2016, but it looks like the studio pushed up its release to compete in Academy Awards. The movies comes this Christmas.

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