If you've been thinking there haven't been enough debates between the Democratic candidates, then you're in luck! Tonight, cable news channel MSNBC is hosting an independent forum (meaning it wasn't organized by the DNC) and featuring the current candidates duking it out for the Dem's nomination. Billed as the "First in the South Presidential Candidates Forum," the event will be the liberal-leaning news channels ONLY debate for the entire primary season (that seems kind of odd, right?) and early reports seem to indicate that the topics discussed will be those central to how the candidates can win the south in a general election. So expect some serious questions about gun control.

Oh, and it's hosted by Rachel Maddow!

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Watch MSNBC's Democratic Forum Free Online Or Via Mobile Devices

Viewers who want to tune in without a TV have a couple different options. The most obvious way to watch a live stream of the debate is via MSNBC Live, which is a free live stream of the channel that can be viewed even if you don't have a cable subscription.

BUT, if you do have cable and get MSNBC (something most cable packages comes with) then you might want to go through the process of logging on with your cable account info to MSNBC NOW, a separate web streaming portal for cable subscribers. A lot of viewers weren't able to log on to watch the first Republican debate because Fox only had one online streaming channel and it couldn't meet the demand of viewers trying to watch it, so heading to a less trafficked stream might be your best bet to avoid a similar hassle.

For mobile devices, viewers can download the MSNBC App, is free to download and features live streaming of the cable channel. Unfortunately, it looks likes it's only available for Apple devices. Sorry, Android users.

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Keep Up With The MSNBC Democratic Forum Via Social Media

Like most most these days events, pop cultural or political, there will be plenty of discussion and commentary via social media. It seems that #DemDebate and #MSNBC2016 are the hashtags that most people will be tagging their posts and tweets about tonight's debate on Twitter (and maybe Instagram and Snapchat too), so if you're looking to for a place to find commentary, cheers and rebukes from the peanut gallery while you watch the debate--that's a good place to start.

MSNBC's Democratic Forum airs live at 8 p.m. EDT/ 7 p.m. CDT tonight, November 6.