Truth is subjective, right? As Mark Twain said, "Don't let facts get in the way of a great story." While this is all well and good when you're regaling family and friends with your life story (or trying to impress a date), it's quite another matter when a rumor takes on a life of its own. Suddenly a small fib or off-the-cuff comment is being repeated and spreading like wildfire--and it's infinitely worse for celebrities. But despite this, we all can't help but indulge in a bit of juicy gossip from time to time. Here are the best celebrity rumors of 2015. Admit it; you couldn't help but follow them.

Ruby Rose Is Pregnant!

To be fair, the Orange is the New Black caused a bit of an uproar on her Twitter account when she mysteriously posted, "I has news. But I can't tell you yet." For some reason, people immediately assumed the actress and model was expecting. But Rose, in signature style, shot down this rumor with good humor. Now what about those stories that she's getting cosy with singer Halsey in the wake of her break-up from Phoebe Dahl?

Ben & Jen Are Breaking Up!

Unfortunately for all those rooting for the A-list couple, this story proved to be all too true. After a decade together and three children, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner called it quits. Rumors started long before the official announcement (many focused on allegations that Affleck had cheated on Garner with the children's nanny). While the new Batman is keeping things civil with his ex-wife, now the gossip is all about how the twosome may be a bit too friendly. Is hoping they'll call off the divorce based on truth, or is that just some wishful thinking?

Leonardo DiCaprio Was Raped By A Bear!

Tag this as one of the most baffling headlines in history. The Drudge Report started this rumor, which caught fire almost instantly (and can you really blame people for finding it intriguing?). The site claimed that early screenings of DiCaprio's latest film, The Revenant, featured not one but two scenes in which he was sexually assaulted by a bear. The studio quickly crushed the story, asserting that not only was the bear female but absolutely no one outside the Drudge Report writer in question had perceived the fight scenes as rape. So in conclusion, Leonardo DiCaprio was not raped by any bears.

Olympian Jenner Is Transitioning!

For months there were fast and furious rumors and stories swirling that someone close to the Kardashian camp was going to to reveal their identity as a trans individual. In April, the mystery was solved when the Olympian athlete and reality star formerly known as Bruce Jenner revealed she was in fact a trans woman. And in July of this year, the world was introduced officially to Caitlyn Jenner.

Taylor & Calvin Are Calling It Quits!

Every celebrity couple has to deal with this on some level: the constant stories and implications that their relationship is on the rocks. But the press takes its interest in Taylor Swift's personal life to the next level, particularly the parts concerning DJ Calvin Harris. Although the two have only been dating since June, it feels like every other day there is another story implying the two are headed for a catastrophic break-up. Yet despite all these portents of doom, the celebrity power couple seems perfectly happy and content. They shared sweet photos during the holidays, and aside from the stories from "unnamed sources," there was no sign of inner strife. So you know what that means: soon the rumors will be swirling that wedding bells are on the horizon. But that's a rumor for 2016.