The nominations for the 88th Academy Awards (The Oscars) were announced earlier today, Jan. 14.

Check Out The 2016 Oscar Nominees!

These nominations reflect on the best films from last year (2015) and the ceremony determining the winners for each category will be on Feb. 28.

While we're not part of the voting committee for the actual awards ceremony, we do happen to love and loathe a bunch of the nominations, so we're holding our own polls to see who you, our readers, think will win some of the biggest awards The Oscars give out.

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Best Picture
There are eight films in this category, ranging from the Sci-Fi action adventure in Mad Max: Fury Road to the dramatic Room.

Which deserves the title of "Best Picture"?

Which 2015 film will take the title of "Best Picture" at The Oscars on Feb. 28?