He's gushed about his longtime girlfriend and the family they've created with their daughter, but a new report suggests that Ryan Gosling may be sneaking around with co-star Emma Stone behind Eva Mendes' back.  

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According to Hollywood Life, Gosling and his La La Land co-star, with whom he has been friends with for years and has co-starred with as romantic co-leads twice before, have been having secret intimate lunches together--which they're pretending are business lunches so they can hide them better from Mendes. 

"Eva can be very possessive and suspicious," a source said.  

As it turns out, Mendes would have reasons to be concerned because the supposed meetings between the two have been much more intimate than previously revealed.  

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"[The] 'meetings' are actually intimate lunches for two where they sit and talk for hours," a source said. However, "Ryan insists nothing is going on," even thought "They really don't have a professional reason to get together." 

In addition, the meetings are seeming more suspicious because the two are meeting at out-of-the-way restaurants in Burbank to avoid being seen, which is only fueling to the speculation that more is going on.  

This isn't the first time rumors have flown about problems for Gosling and Mendes' romance however. The two have constantly been plagued by rumors that they were having issues due to Gosling's ex, Rachel McAdams, and Stone has also been pinpointed as an issue other times as well because of her consistent working relationship with Gosling.