Not only were Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams both in attendance at this year's Oscars, but the former couple's The Notebook co-star Gena Rowlands was also there--and yet, there was NO reunion that fans were able to find out about.

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Rowlands was there because of her honorary Oscar which she was awarded in November, while McAdams and Gosling were both presenters and in attendance for their films, The Big Short and Spotlight (which each took home awards for their screenplays, with Spotlight also nabbing the top prize of the night with Best Picture). However, despite the grown version of Allie Hamilton, young Allie Hamilton, and Noah Calhoun ALL being in the Dolby Theatre...they were never all caught together on camera.

Naturally fans had hoped that at least some combination of the actors would be featured together:

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Of course, even though some hoped for a full reunion, others were still just ecstatic that Gosling and McAdams--who were once known as McGosling--were both at the awards. And despite their having been broken up for so many years now...there's still hope from their fan base that they will eventually reunite (with some even hoping it would happen right at the Oscars).

But sadly, the reunion still didn't happen. Sorry fans. It might be time to finally let it go.