iPhone Updates News: Apple Considering New Program That Warns Your Boss May be Watching On Company Devices [PHOTO]

Employees of companies may already know to watch what they do on a company computer, but they now be getting a help that could remind them to watch what they're up to on a company issued phone as well.

Apple Lands A Huge Victory In Fight With FBI

A Reddit user has shared a screengrab of a phone used by a company to show that Apple may be putting a new warning into the code for iOS 9.3 beta, which will not only post a message on the lock screen reminding users their company can monitor the device, but also one in Settings as well.

In one image, the lock screen shows a reminder on the bottom of the screen, which reads, "This iPhone is managed by your organization." The message in Settings, located in the General menu underneath Name, reads "This iPhone is supervised. [Your organization] can monitor your internet traffic and locate this device."

See the images here

The potential change would be extremely beneficial to employees who need a reminder not to do things that could jeopardize their jobs on company equipment, especially ones who may not have previously known their boss could have the insight to see into their phone at all.

It also comes at a time when Apple's security on phones is being thrust even more into the spotlight due to an ongoing battle with the FBI on whether they should be forced to change their code which makes it easier for law enforcement to unlock the iPhone 5C which belonged to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook.

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