Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Couple: Explosive Details Of How These Two Hooked Up


Some celebrity couples defy explanation. Their names listed together make you pause and reconsider your previously held views on life, love, and relationships. From Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz to Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin, some couples just don't make sense to the general public (whether they stand the test of time or not). The blossoming love affair between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom definitely falls under this category. Here's the scoop on how this utterly unexpected relationship came to be -- and where it may be headed.

Make It Official

For some time there had been rumors swirling about these two stars getting up close and personal, but most people dismissed them as just that -- rumors, and nothing more. After all, one is the star of such epic box office triumphs as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Lord of the Rings franchise, while the other has made a name for herself with pop infectious tunes like 'Dark Horse' and 'I Kissed a Girl.' Surely this was just an example of the rumor mill running wild... right?

Sparks Flying

This could very easily be described as a 'whirlwind relationship.' The two celebrities met at a Golden Globes after party back in January, where they flirted so conspicuously that the story leaked that they were already embroiled in a steamy affair. But for a while, that was the last anyone really heard about them as a couple (or even potential couple). From then on things were remarkably low-key: little was heard about the two or their romance until they decided to go public, confirming that they are indeed in a serious relationship.

Low-Profile Love

So why the secrecy? Maybe it's because both stars have had previous high-profile relationships that didn't make it. Perry was previously married to comedian Russell Brand (not to mention her on-again off-again affair with fellow crooner John Mayer), while Bloom has a child with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. After the tabloid frenzy that followed those break-ups, both were in the mood for something a little more low-key -- at least to start out. The lack of media scrutiny no doubt made it easier for the two to really get to know each other, and decide whether this was something serious or just a fun little fling. 

Going Public

But the time for laying low has apparently passed, with the newly minted couple making numerous public appearances -- most notably a steamy Hawaiian getaway, and Perry's performance at a Hillary Clinton rally. Bloom made sure to stand by in support of his new significant other throughout the show, and get in some PDAs as well. We're still not sure how two people who are so wildly different (and come from such different backgrounds) could manage to fall in love. But hey, this is Hollywood -- stranger things have happened.

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