Say what you will about Donald Trump, but you have to admit he's a polarizing figure. People either love him or hate him; there's very little middle ground. And when a powerful celebrity decides you rub them the wrong way (and when you're trying to make a move into the White House), things can get ugly fast. As the election gets serious, celebrities of all sorts are speaking out against Donald Trump and his political stance. See the best celebrity responses to the election so far--and remember, we still have a long way to go before November.

George Takei

Have you noticed that sometimes during debates, Trump doesn't exactly answer the question that's been posed to him? Beloved Star Trek actor and pop culture icon George Takei certainly did, and shared his thoughts on Trump's interview style in a wickedly funny Facebook post. The social media-savvy star has never shied away from controversial topics or important issues, and this clever send-up of the candidate is a breath of fresh air among the rising hostility surrounding the election. Takei 2016, anyone?

Louis CK

Followers and fans of Louis CK got a surprisingly passionate plea in their inboxes recently. The actor and comedian wrote a long, intense email begging people not to vote for Trump. He compared the candidate to Hitler in no uncertain terms, and encouraged people not to be ruled by fear or prejudice. So who does Louis CK want to see in the White House? Rather than picket for any particular candidate, the comedian suggested that the winner should simply be the person best qualified to run the country--be they Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Now that's some powerful bipartisan politics.

Lady Gaga

The singer and American Horror Story actress has always been a passionate and articulate advocate for causes close to her heart (most recently sending a powerful message in support of fellow survivors of sexual violence), but sometimes even the theatrical performer knows that less is more. Such is the case in this deceptively short but incredibly eloquent Vine about her political affiliations. When a fan asks if Lady Gaga is a fan of Donald Trump, her brief answer is priceless. OK, so it's not technically a rant--but Gaga proves you don't have to say a lot to get your point across loud and clear.

John Oliver

John Oliver has a long history with dealing with politics--after all, he came to fame on The Daily Show--and his new program Last Week Tonight With John Oliver delightfully skewers the big issues of the day. But Oliver tried not to mention Trump for as long as possible on his show. Why? He was attempting not to bring further attention to the media saturation surrounding the candidate. But after Trump landed a few prominent wins, Oliver felt he had no choice but to address the elephant in the room. And he did, filming a sharp, salient, and utterly merciless segment that called out Trump point by point. It's one of the finest rants on any politician in recent memory, and it feels like John Oliver is just getting started.