K. Michelle’s latest album More Issues Than Vogue might be getting pretty high up on the charts, but she's still not satisfied.

The singer and reality star broke down on Sway In The Morning when dishing on why the project is her last for the label that she is currently on.

“The label is happy. But I really don’t settle for being mediocre. My label knows that’s the last album I’m giving them because I gotta sing what I wanna sing.”

She then confirmed she wants to do country music. But she had a moment when a fan called in and told her not to underestimate herself because he loves her music and continues to hear it on the radio.

“I just wanna be me,” she said. “I never thought that I would live in a time of tremendous racism. And I just don’t like what I see. I don’t like how we do each other. I don’t like the barriers that are placed on us; if you can anything about music or the platform that you’ve been given, you’re gonna feel a certain kind of way.”

She also confirmed that she is unbothered after the Beyhive came for her when she claimed that Beyonce was coming out with a new album the same day as hers last week. While Beyonce still has yet to release said album, K. Michelle said she doesn’t really care for Beyonce’s fans coming for her on social media.

See the full interview below.