Halle Berry Twitter, Instagram: Actress Makes A Topless Entrance Into Social Media [PHOTOS]

Social media can be tricky. Sure you want a lot of followers on your various accounts, but do you really want to put in all that time and effort to get them? How do you attract likes and fans to your particular social networking sites? One handy trick: be famous. Celebrities can sign up for Twitter or Facebook and see their numbers rocket to the tens of thousands before they've even updated their bio info. And the newest celebrity to join the digital age is Halle Berry, who's making a major impression on Twitter and Instagram.

Bare Essentials

The Academy Award-winning actress joined Twitter and Instagram simultaneously, and the results have been impressive to say the least. In less than 48 hours of posting her first picture, Berry had amassed over 236 thousand followers. Of course, the X-Men actress wasn't content to enter the online fray with a traditional boring selfie; instead, Berry opted for a beautifully rendered and undeniably sexy photo of herself topless in a forest. Surrounded by nature and facing away from the camera, Berry cuts an alluring figure. Judging from her message, it looks like she wants her social media accounts to contain more than just the standard selfies.


So far, Berry's Twitter account doesn't feature much material—it's pretty much just got the same images she's posted on Instagram. But despite this lack of updates, the actress has already nabbed over 44,000 followers. It's a pretty impressive move, and a clear sign that the star is looking to make a comeback social media style. Despite her box office blockbusters and critically acclaimed performances, as of late the actress has been best known for the drama in her personal life. Between divorces and custody battles, the public hasn't seen much of the star power that made Berry such a success. These social media moves are a smart way to get back in the limelight.

What's In Store

LOVE. A photo posted by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on Mar 31, 2016 at 8:19am PDT

Every celebrity tries to use social media in a way that appeals to the masses while still retaining their own unique style. Some share adorable family photos, while others prefer sexy selfies or behind-the-scenes shots. Berry's pictures (all two so far) seem to have an artistic edge; her topless shot shows a clear understanding of visuals not often seen in the grainy images of Instagram. Her next social media share features a detailed look at a truly striking piece of fashion. What it doesn't show (and what in fact has yet to appear on any of her accounts) is Halle Berry's face. Is this an intentional move? It seems to be, considering even her profile picture has her famous features obscured. The question becomes, why?

Second Thoughts

Not everyone is happy about the star stepping into the world of social media—in fact, many are genuinely concerned about what the results could be. While social media gives us a unique peek into the lives of celebrities, it can lead to unpleasant and sometimes upsetting revelations about our favorite stars. Hopefully Halle Berry will manage to avoid these pitfalls. But if she doesn't, one thing is sure: social media will be on hand to catch every single second.

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