Is there something suspicious happening between Harry Styles and Chelsea Handler?

According to Saturday's report from The Sun, the One Direction star was at a house party in Los Angeles some time ago where the talk show comedian joined in- and things seemed to get pretty steamy.

However, it's being claimed that even if there was tension happening, Styles and Handler are just good pals.

"Harry and Chelsea re just friends and both are carefree spirits," a source said. "They seemed to think nothing of the commotion they caused by plonking themselves together side by side in such an intimate setting. They were on a bed as people rushed around them and they were being pretty flirty."

Overall, it seems like the stars were just being themselves even if it did cause some heads to turn.

"Being wild is Chelsea's natural default behavior and Harry is a free spirit who doesn't care how his actions look to others, but it certainly was the talk of the bash," the source said. "It definitely caught people's attention."

Rumor previously had it that Styles was dating reality star Kendall Jenner, but that didn't work out. According to Hollywood Life, it's because Jenner was ready for something that the singer just wasn't willing to offer.

"At this point in her life, Kendall is ready for a serious relationship," a source told the site. "She thought she could just go with the flow with Harry, but it's just not making her happy. Harry is too loosey-goosey for her. It's pretty much what happened the first time around for them; Kendall wanted more and Harry wasn't ready to fully commit."