'Star Trek Beyond' Spoilers: Idris Elba's Character Finally Revealed [VIDEO]

The mystery surrounding Idris Elba's character in Star Trek Beyond has finally been dispelled.

In a recent feature in Empire magazine about the movie, it was revealed that Elba will be playing that part of Krall, "the vlue-faced alien antagonist," "who instead of showing his distaste for the Federation's ideals and reach through a strongly-worded letter to his local council, decides to unleash violence upon the poor Enterprise and its crew."

Until very recently, Elba's character was shrouded in secrecy. Even in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor revealed who his favorite character was in the Star Trek franchise but revealed little to nothing about his mysterious role.

"Captain Kirk!" Elba said about his favorite character. "Kirk was just smooth, man. There was nothing fazing him. In times of ridiculous peril, Mister Kirk was the coolest actor on the set."

When the interviewer tried to get him to dish about his role by asking Elba about the relationship to Kirk, the actor gave a funny yet evasive answer. "Can we say," Elba says, a smile somehow audible over the phone, "Jaws and Dory?"

Elba also talked a bit about working with Chris Pine, who plays the younger Captain Kirk, in the movie. "Working with Chris was a good old laugh," he said. "He's a funny boy, and a wicked professional."

In other recent news, a new trailer and promotion for Star Trek Beyond is lined up for next month, according to a new report.

Collider reports that Paramount has been prepping to promote Star Trek Beyond in s a big way for a fan event coming up in May in Los Angeles. The publication did some investigation about the recent lack of promotion surrounding the film found out that something big was planned for May. The report did not reveal what this fan event is and when exactly it will take place in May.

Star Trek Beyond will open in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Watch the trailer:

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